The difference between polarizer and sunglasses

1. Different functions

Ordinary sunglasses use the color dyed on the tinted lenses to weaken all the light into the eyes, but all the glare, refracted light and scattered light enter the eyes, which cannot achieve the purpose of eye-catching.

One of the functions of polarized lenses is to filter out glare, scattered light, and refracted light, only absorb the reflected light of the object itself, and truly present what you see, allowing drivers to improve vision, reduce fatigue, increase color saturation, and make the vision clearer. , play a role in eye care, eye protection.

2. Different principle

Ordinary tinted lenses use their dyeing to block all light, and the object you see will change the original color of the object. What color the lens is, the object is placed in whatever color. Especially when driving with it on, there is a huge color difference in the recognition of traffic lights, and it is seriously unable to recognize green lights. become a traffic hazard.

The polarizer is the principle of polarized light, and the object you see will not change color. The vehicle is driving at high speed. After entering the tunnel, the light in front of the eyes will be dimmed immediately after wearing ordinary sunglasses, and the road in front of you cannot be seen clearly, but the polarizer will not have any effect.

3. Different degrees of UV blocking

Strong ultraviolet rays are the invisible killer of human beings, and polarized lenses came into being for this reason. The blocking rate of ultraviolet rays reaches 99%, while the blocking rate of ordinary tinted lenses is quite low.

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Which is better, polarizers or sunglasses


Sunglasses are known and known because of their ability to resist UV rays. Polarizers are even more powerful than sunglasses in terms of function. In addition to being able to resist ultraviolet rays, the more important point is that they can resist glare and allow the eyes to have a clear vision. It can be said that when traveling and driving, polarizers are definitely good for you. helper. Compared with polarizers, ordinary sunglasses can only reduce the intensity of light, but cannot effectively remove reflections on bright surfaces and glare in all directions; while polarizers can effectively filter out glare in addition to preventing ultraviolet rays and reducing the intensity of light.

So to sum up, you can choose sunglasses for short-term entertainment and other activities. For long-term driving, entertainment and other activities, it is better to choose polarized glasses with more powerful functions, but polarized glasses are generally more expensive than sunglasses, which also depends on each person. consumption level. In short, be sure to choose what is comfortable for you to wear.



How to distinguish between polarizers and sunglasses

1. When you buy polarized lenses in a regular optical shop, there will always be a test piece with some pictures in it. You can’t see it without the polarizer, but you can see it when you put it on. In fact, this test piece is specially made and uses polarized light. The principle enables the polarizer to see the parallel light emitted by the picture inside, so that you can see the picture hidden inside, not perspective, which can be used to detect whether it is a real polarizer.

2. One of the characteristics of polarizers is that the lenses are extremely light and thin. When distinguishing, you can compare the weight and texture with other ordinary sunglasses.

3. When you buy, stack two polarized lenses vertically, the lenses will appear opaque. The reason is that the special design of the polarized lens lens only allows parallel light to pass through the lens. When the two lenses are stacked vertically, most of the light is blocked. If there is no light transmission, it proves that it is a polarized lens.

4. Put the lens and the LCD screen, you can choose the calculator display screen, color screen mobile phone display screen, computer LCD display, etc., and place them in parallel and overlap, rotate the polarizer, and look at the LCD screen through the polarizer, you will find that the LCD screen will rotate with the polarizer. On and off. Experimental principle: The different colors of the LCD screen are the polarization principle of the liquid crystal molecules used. If it doesn’t change no matter how you turn it, it’s not a polarizer.

Post time: Aug-15-2022