Why do you insist on wearing sunglasses when you go out?

Wear sunglasses when traveling, not only for appearance, but also for eye health. Today we’re going to talk about sunglasses.


01 Protect your eyes from the sun

It’s a fine day for a trip, but you can’t keep your eyes open to the sun. By choosing a pair of sunglasses, you can not only cut down on glare, but also ward off one of the true eye health effects — ULTRAVIOLET light.

Ultraviolet is a kind of invisible light, which can unknowingly cause damage to the skin and eyes and other organs.

About 18 million people worldwide are blind from cataracts, and 5 percent of these blindness can be caused by UV radiation, which can cause other serious eye diseases, according to an article in the journal Ultraviolet Radiation and Human Health published by the Who. The eyes are actually more fragile than the skin when exposed to ultraviolet light.

Eye diseases caused by prolonged UV exposure:

Macular degeneration:

Macular degeneration, caused by retinal damage, is the leading cause of age-related blindness over time.


A cataract is a clouding of the eye’s lens, the part of the eye where the light we see is focused. Exposure to ultraviolet light, especially UVB rays, increases the risk of some types of cataracts.


Commonly known as the “surfer’s eye,” pterygium is a pink, non-cancerous growth that forms in the conjunctiva layer above the eye, and prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light is thought to be a cause.

Skin cancer:

Skin cancer on and around the eyelids, associated with prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light.


Also known as keratosunburn or “snow blindness,” it is the result of high short-term exposure to ultraviolet light. Long periods of skiing at the beach without proper eye protection can cause the problem, resulting in a temporary loss of vision.

02 Block glare

In recent years, many people have begun to pay attention to the damage of ULTRAVIOLET rays to the eyes, but the problem of glare is still poorly understood.

Glare refers to a visual condition in which extreme contrast of brightness in the field of vision causes visual discomfort and reduces the visibility of an object. The perception of light within the visual field, which the human eye cannot adapt to, may cause disgust, discomfort or even loss of vision. Glare is one of the important causes of visual fatigue.

The most typical thing is that when driving, the direct sunlight or a bright light suddenly reflected from the glass membrane wall of the building will enter your vision. Most people will subconsciously raise their hands to block the light, not to mention how dangerous it is. Even if it is blocked, there will still be “black spots” in front of their eyes, which will interfere with their vision for the next few minutes. According to relevant statistics, optical illusion accounts for 36.8% of traffic accidents.

Sunglasses that block glare are now available, making it safer for drivers, and are recommended for cyclists and joggers on a daily basis to avoid the negative consequences of glare.

03 Convenience protection

Now more than a quarter of the people are opticians, how do they wear sunglasses? For those who want to wear sunglasses but don’t want to go invisible, myopic sunglasses are definitely HJ EYEWEAR. It USES lens dyeing technology to turn any pair of sunglasses into tinted lenses with myopia. Wearers can choose the style and color of their favorite sunglasses.

If you want to protect your eyes from strong light, but also want to wear them in a fashionable, beautiful and convenient way, then come to HJ EYEWEAR! Children, youth, adult suitable for all ages, beautiful, handsome, simple, gorgeous always have a suitable for you!

4.What are the occasions for wearing sunglasses

A pair of simple sunglasses can highlight a person’s cool temperament, sunglasses match appropriate clothing, giving a person a kind of unruly aura. Sunglasses are a fashion item worth showing off in every season. Almost every fashionable young person will have such a pair of sunglasses, which can be matched with different clothes in every season and reflected in different styles.

Sunglasses are not only of many types, but also very versatile. Not only a very fashionable feeling, but also can play a certain shading effect, to avoid the eyes from the sun. So go out to travel, on the way to work, go out shopping and so on can carry on wearing, fashionable and versatile. Sunglasses are not suitable for wearing indoors or in dark environments as they can affect brightness and strain the eyes more.


What do you need to pay attention to when wearing sunglasses?

1, wear sunglasses to divide occasion, go out only when the sun is relatively strong, or swim, bask in the sun on the beach, just need to wear sunglasses, the rest of the time or occasion do not need to wear, so as not to hurt eyes

2. Wash your sunglasses often. First to the resin lens drop one or two drops of household dishwashing liquid, remove the dust and dirt on the lens, and then rinse clean in running water, then use toilet paper to absorb the water droplets on the lens, and finally wipe clean water with a clean soft wipe mirror cloth.

3. Sunglasses are optical products. Improper force on the frame can easily deform, which not only affects the comfort of wearing, but also harms eyesight and health. Therefore, the glasses should be worn with both hands to avoid being impacted or pressed by external forces during the wearing process, so as to prevent the deformation of the frame caused by uneven force on one side, which will change the Angle and position of the lens.

4. It is not recommended to wear sunglasses for children who are too young, because their visual function is not yet mature and they need more bright light and clear object stimulation. Wear sunglasses for a long time, the fundus macular area can not get effective stimulation, will affect the further development of vision, serious people may even lead to amblyopia.

Post time: Sep-16-2020