TR90 frame and acetate frame, do you know which one is better?

What precautions should be taken when choosing a frame? With the vigorous development of the eyewear industry, more and more materials are applied to the frame. After all, the frame is worn on the nose, and the weight is different. We can’t feel it in a short time, but in a long time, it is easy to cause pressure on our nose. The style and color are the external performance, and the material properties determine the comfort. Then the lighter the frame, the more popular it is.

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What are the materials of the TR90 frame and the acetate frame?

TR90 frame, also known as plastic titanium, is a frame made of a memory polymer material with a density of 1.14-1.15. It will float when placed in salt water. It is lighter than other plastic frames and is about less than the weight of a sheet frame. half, ISO180/IC: >125kg/m2 elasticity, to effectively prevent eye damage due to impact during exercise.

The acetate are made of high-tech plastic memory plates. Most of the current acetate are made of acetate fibers, and there are also a few high-end frames that are made of propionate fibers. The acetate fiber sheet is divided into injection molding and pressing and grinding. The injection molding, as the name suggests, is made by pouring a mold, but most of them are acetate glasses that are pressed and polished.



The advantages of the TR90 frame

1. Light weight, impact resistance, high temperature resistance: can withstand high temperature of 350 degrees in a short time, ISO527: anti-deformation index 620kg/cm2. Not easy to melt and burn. The frame is not easily deformed and discolored, making the frame wear longer.

2. Safety: No release of chemical residues, in line with European requirements for food-grade materials.

3. Bright colors: more vivid and excellent than ordinary plastic frames.


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The advantages of acetate frames

1. High hardness, good gloss, and the combination with steel skin strengthens the firm performance, and the style is beautiful, not easy to deform and change color, and durable.

2. It has a certain elasticity. When it is slightly bent or stretched and then loosened, the shape memory board will return to its original state.

3. It is not easy to burn, and it is hardly discolored by ultraviolet radiation. The hardness is higher and the gloss is better, and it is not easy to deform after wearing.

Post time: Sep-19-2022