The advantages of wearing glasses.

1.Wearing glasses can correct your vision

Myopia is caused by the fact that the distant light cannot be focused on the retina, causing distant objects to be unclear. However, by wearing a myopic lens, a clear image of the object can be obtained, thus correcting the vision.

2. Wearing glasses can relieve visual fatigue

Myopia and do not wear glasses, will inevitably lead to glasses easily fatigue, the result can only be to deepen the degree day by day. After wearing glasses normally, the phenomenon of visual fatigue will be greatly reduced.

3. Wearing glasses can prevent and cure external inclined eyes

When nearsightedness, the regulating effect of the eye is weakened, and the effect of the external rectus muscle exceeds that of the internal rectus muscle for a long time, it will cause the external oblique of the eye. Of course, myopic companion outside inclined, still can be corrected through myopic lens.

4. Wearing glasses can prevent your eyes from popping out

As the eyes are still in their developmental stage, accommodative myopia can easily develop into axial myopia in adolescents. Especially high myopia, eyeball before and after diameter is lengthened significantly, appearance is manifested as eyeball protruding namely, if myopia begins to wear glasses normally correctional, this kind of circumstance can be alleviated somewhat, can not happen even.

5. Wearing glasses can prevent lazy eye

Myopic and did not wear glasses in time, often cause ametropia amblyopia, as long as wear appropriate glasses, after a longer period of treatment, vision will improve gradually.

What error does glasses of wear myopia have


Myth 1: You can’t take your glasses off if you wear them

Want to make clear above all myopia has true sex myopia and false sex myopia cent, true sex myopia is difficult to recover. It is possible for pseudomyopia to recover, but the degree of recovery depends on the proportion of pseudomyopia in myopia. For example, people with 100 degrees of myopia may have only 50 degrees of pseudomyopia, and it is difficult to recover with glasses. Only 100% pseudomyopia is likely to recover.


Myth 2: Watching TV can increase the degree of myopia

From the point of view of myopia, watching TV properly does not increase myopia, but rather may reduce the development of pseudomyopia. However, watching TV posture to be correct, the first to be far away from the TV, it is best to TV screen diagonal 5 to 6 times, if prone in front of the TV, it will not work. The second is time. It’s best to watch TV for 5 to 10 minutes after every hour of learning to read and remember to take your glasses off.


Mistake area three: degree low must match glasses

Many people think that if the low degree of people is not a professional driver or the special need for clear vision of the work, do not have to match glasses, often wear glasses but may increase the degree of myopia. Optometry is to check whether to see clearly with 5 meters distance commonly, but in our life very few people are apart from 5 meters to see a thing, that is to say, glasses are used to see far. But the reality is that the vast majority of teenagers rarely take off their glasses in the study, so most people are wearing the glasses to look close, but increase ciliary spasm, aggravating myopia.


Myth 4: Wear glasses and everything will be fine

Treating myopia is by no means wearing glasses and everything will be fine. The tips for preventing further myopia can be summed up in a bit of a tongue-twisting phrase: “Pay attention to close eye contact” and “reduce the amount of continuous close eye contact.” “Pay attention to the close distance with the eyes” says that the distance between the eyes and the book, the table should not be less than 33 cm. “Reduce the continuous close use of the eyes” means that the duration of reading should not be more than an hour, intermittent need to take off the glasses, look at the distance, to avoid excessive use of the eyes, so as not to increase the degree of myopia.


Myth 5: Eyeglasses have the same prescription

There are several criteria for determining how well a pair of eyeglasses fits: a luminosity error of no more than 25 degrees, pupil spacing of no more than 3 mm, pupil height of no more than 2 mm, and if weariness and vertigo persist for a long time, they may not be suitable for you.

Post time: Sep-16-2020