How to Pick the Right Professional Kids Eyeglasses

1. Nose pads

     Different from adults, children’s heads, especially the angle of the nose peak and the curvature of the bridge of the nose, have more obvious differences. Most children have a low bridge of the nose, so it is best to choose glasses with high nose pads or eyeglass frames with interchangeable nose pads. Otherwise, the nose pads of the frame will be low, crushing the developing bridge of the nose, and the glasses will be easy to stick to the eyeball or even touch the eyelashes, causing eye discomfort.


2. Frame material

The material of the frame is generally a metal frame, a plastic sheet frame, and a TR90 frame. Most children are very active and take off, put on and place their glasses at will. Using the metal frame is easy to deform and break, and the metal frame may cause skin irritation. The plastic frame is not easy to change, and it is difficult to damage. On the other hand, the glasses made of TR90 material, the glasses frame of this material is also very flexible and elastic, and more importantly, it can resist shocks. So if there is a child who likes to move, you don’t have to worry about the glasses being easily damaged if you wear this kind of glasses. In addition, this kind of glasses frame has the characteristics of skin-friendly, so if it is some children with sensitive skin, there is no need to worry about any allergies during the wearing process.


3. Weight

Choose children’s eyeglasses must pay attention to the weight. Because the weight of the glasses directly acts on the bridge of the nose, if it is too heavy, it is easy to cause pain in the bridge of the nose, and in severe cases, it may lead to degeneration of the nasal bone. Therefore, the weight of glasses for children is generally less than 15 grams.


4. Size of the frame

Children’s glasses should have an adequate field of vision. Since children have a wide range of activities, try not to choose a frame that will produce shadows and blind spots. If the frame is too small, the field of vision will become smaller; if the frame is too large, it is easy to wear unstable, and the weight will increase. Therefore, children’s eyeglass frames should be moderate in size.

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5. Temples

For children’s glasses design, the temples should be submissive to the skin on the side of the face, or leave a little space to prevent the glasses from becoming too small due to the rapid development of children. It is best to be adjustable, the length of the temples can be adjusted according to the head shape, and the frequency of replacement of glasses is also reduced.


 6. Lens distance

The frame is to support the lens and ensure that the lens is in a reasonable position in front of the eyeball. According to optical principles, to make the degree of a pair of glasses completely equal to the degree of the lens, it is necessary to ensure that the distance between the eyes is about 12.5MM, and the focus of the lens and the pupil are in the same near the horizontal line, if the spectacle frame cannot well guarantee the position of the lenses in this category (such as the temples are too long or too loose, the nose pads are too high or too low, and the deformation after a period of use, etc.) It can also lead to over- or under-tender situations.


7. Color

     People’s aesthetic senses, mainly vision, can see various colors and shapes through vision. Children have a very keen sense of color, because they are curious and like bright colors. Today’s children are very proactive, and they like to choose the clothes and glasses they wear. On the other hand, some colors remind them of their toys, so help them choose some bright colors when choosing glasses.

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Post time: Aug-20-2022