open an optical shop procedures for opening a store?

These 6 steps are indispensable

 Recently, many foreign friends have asked how to open an optical shop and how to reduce cost. For newbies, most of them just heard that the optical shop is more profitable, so they thought of opening an optical shop. In fact, it is not that simple, and there are still many problems and difficulties. Now, I will systematically sort out the main process steps of opening a store and joining an optical store for everyone.


the process of opening an optical shop

 1. Market research

In the early stage, through the investigation of your surrounding optical shops and glasses market, you can understand whether it is suitable to open an optical shop, and then consider the follow-up process if it is suitable. 

2. Document preparation

Know what documents and qualifications you need to prepare to open an optical shop, start to obtain them, and find out where there are problems or difficulties early. 

3. Technical learning

It is mainly optometry and glasses technology. You can reduce labor costs by learning by yourself. In addition, you can also learn the experience and skills of opening a store together.


4. Site selection and decoration

According to the target group and market positioning, it is a very important part to choose a suitable store location, and then choose a decoration company.

5. How to reduce your cost of purchasing goods

1). Directly find Chinese glasses factories to cooperate in purchasing and purchasing, reduce your costs, no middlemen to check prices, logistics support, sea and air transportation, it is cheaper than your purchase at local wholesalers, and supports small batch orders.

2). It mainly includes the purchase of optometry processing equipment and various glasses and accessories, which need to be distributed for the first time according to the showcase, design and sales.



 6. Opening publicity

After the above is completed, you can prepare for opening. You need to do a good job of publicity work to let more people know about the newly opened optical shop here, and increase the exposure through stop signs and posters with activities.


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