How to choose contact lenses ?


Beautiful eyes are an effective “weapon” for hunting the heterosexual. Women in the new era, and even men who are at the forefront of developing trends, already have a great need for eye beauty companies: mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, all kinds of management tools are readily available, of course, we also have a contact lens, it can help improve people’s ability to get rid of heavy frames and maintain a natural good-looking face.

1. Don’t suffocate your beautiful eyes

Many people have to spend a lot of time “understanding” their faces when they go out in the morning. Everyone cares about those who wipe their faces: They have no skin irritation, toxins and oxygen penetration. In fact, your eyes need more free exposure to air than your skin.

Especially for some people who often wear contact lenses, since the lenses of such people are in direct contact with the cornea of the eyes for a long time, if the lens material cannot ensure that the eyes can freely absorb oxygen in the air, it is equivalent to inferior cosmetics. The longer you wear it, the greater the damage to your eyes. Therefore, contact lenses with high oxygen permeability are like fashionable women’s cosmetic bags and should become a new necessity in our lives.

2. High oxygen permeability, allowing eyes to breathe freely

What is high oxygen permeability? How to measure it?

When choosing a lens with high oxygen permeability, oxygen permeability coefficient and oxygen permeability are the two most important indicators. The oxygen permeability coefficient (DK) refers to the oxygen permeability of the lens material, and the more commonly used oxygen permeability (DK/T) refers to the air permeability per unit thickness of the lens. The higher the oxygen permeability coefficient (DK) and the oxygen permeability coefficient (DK/T), the higher the oxygen permeability coefficient (DK/T) and the oxygen permeability coefficient (DK/T), the stronger the ability of oxygen delivery to the eye.

3.How to choose “contact lenses” with high oxygen permeability?

Most of the common contact lenses on the market use the water contained in the lens as a carrier to oxygenate the eyes, but after wearing it for a long time, there is no water evaporation on the surface of the lens. In order to maintain its original water content, It will absorb tears from the surface of the eyes to supplement the “water content” of the contact lenses, which will cause the “dryness” of the students’ eyes.

It does not rely on water content to achieve oxygen permeability – it is the most advanced silicone hydrogel lens on the market. This type of silicone hydrogel contact lens is different from the rare methacrylic material on the market, because the silicone hydrogel Under the microscope, the molecular structure of the molecule is arranged in a space “net”, and the oxygen in the air can freely pass through these “channels” to reach your cornea without relying on water as a “carrier”.

contact lenses

In the current market, Aishenghua’s silicone hydrogel contact lenses have extremely high oxygen permeability, and it is also the only domestic manufacturer that has broken through foreign technical barriers and has the ability to produce silicone hydrogel contact lenses. Technological processing technology, efficient technical team, first-class processing equipment, and rigorous production process make the produced contact lenses not only safe, but also comfortable, deeply loved by users, and the best partner of HJ EYEWEAR contact lens brands!

Post time: Sep-13-2022